Samination - Mix 63 - Rocky Dreamscape
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2016, Ogg Vorbis, 280.21MB, 01:20:50, 484kbps
1 AudioJunkie Infectious UK Hardcore DigiMix
2 The Nice Guys ft Reese Out of Control UK Hardcore K-12 Studios
3 DJ Weaver & Andy L ft Fran Cannonball (Scott Brown remix) UK Hardcore Hardcore Masif
4 DJ Contra, DJ Mochue & DJ Gino Silence Trance Makina Mirakle Records
5 Cyanno2 Commence Makina Bit Music
6 Dj Oni Save the Music Makina Bit Music
7 Abel Effect Inside Of Me Makina C58 Records
8 UK INFORMATION & (Call Me Maybe) UK Hardcore Free
9 Crash What did You Dream UK Hardcore Full Throttle Finland
10 Obie & Fracus Party Crashers UK Hardcore Lethal Theory
11 Brisk & Joey Riot Sometimes It Hurts (Joey Riot remix) Powerstomp Lethal Theory
12 M-Project & DJ Depath Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot & Jaw-D remix) Powerstomp Terraform Music
13 M-Project & DJ Conrad Lay Down The Beatz Powerstomp Terraform Music
14 Nyancore Rainbow Smile Powerstomp Smiley Tunes
15 Shifter ft S3rl Blow The House Freeform Executive Records
16 S3rl & SynthWulf I am the DJ Freeform Rebuild Music
17 Lost Soul Euphoric Energy Freeform Nu Energy Collective
18 Tornadoz Wind & Sand Freeform Full Throttle Finland
19 Myosuke End of Pledge Gabber Hardcore Tano*C
20 RoughSketch Mask Gabber Notebook Records
21 3R2 Terrorize Gabber Solidbox Records
22 Dischord Dyin' Times Gabber Solidbox Records
23 Kobaryo Reverse Gabber Japanese Stream Hardcore
24 Kobaryo Clock Control Gabber Japanese Stream Hardcore
25 M-Project vs DJ Sharpnel Don't Touch the Kore Makina X-treme Hard