Samination - Mix 59 - Frozen Dreamscape
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2015, Ogg Vorbis, 218.17MB, 01:02:57, 484kbps
1 Alex Laser & DJ Lobo vs DJ Fary Freezer
  Makina C58 Records
2 Insight ft Lynn Eden If That's Alright With You 2006
  UK Hardcore Quosh Records
3 DJ Laugh Dance Into The Night
  J-core C.H.S
4 Javi Tracker My Dogma
  Makina Desk Records
5 Kors K Everything
  UK Hardcore Hardcore Tano*C
6 Q-Tex Power Of Love 2001
  Happy Hardcore Evolution Records
7 Ryu* Out Of Sight
  J-core Hardcore Tano*C
8 Scott Brown Welcome To Your Fantasy
  UK Hardcore Evolution Records
9 Minamotoya Horizon
  Freeform Hardcore Tano*C
10 Liqo Misty
  Freeform Ballistik Hardcore
11 DJ Rx Hell Fire (ElectriX remix)
  Freeform FiNRG
12 Invader & Dodgee Nausea (AMS remix)
  Freeform Inner Vision Records
13 Gammer & Compulsion The Beat
  Freeform Free
14 6th Psychopath
  Gabber Illegal Wave Records
15 T+pazolite Drunk Crunk Franken (RoughSketch remix)
  Gabber C.H.S
16 Noizenecio Nighttime Fears
  Gabber Hardcore Tano*C
17 T+pazolite vs RoughSketch Readymade Luv
  UK Hardcore Minamotrance
18 RoughSketch This Is Parapara (Despair remix)
  Gabber C.H.S