Samination - Mix 52 - Unforgettable Dreams
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2013, Ogg Vorbis, 291.02MB, 01:23:57, 484kbps
1 jD-KiD Unforgettable (Gammer remix) UK Hardcore Rebuild Music
2 DJ Weaver & JTS Phantasy UK Hardcore JTS Recordings
3 DJ Kapital Music Words Makina Burning Chrome Records
4 DJ Daze Eurodancer Makina Tri-Format
5 Minamotoya Annihilation UK Hardcore Hardcore Tano*C
6 E-Logic Run To Me (Brisk remix) Happy Hardcore Infinity Recordings
7 Northern Lights Love Of My Life (Brisk mix) Happy Hardcore Next Generation Records
8 Scott Brown Like An Angel (Kurt Powerstomp remix) Powerstomp Lethal Theory
9 Ganar & Simpleton Welcome To Our World UK Hardcore Hard Dance UK
10 Scott Brown Enchantment UK Hardcore Evolution Records
11 Kaos & Ethos Technorocker UK Hardcore Next Generation Records
12 Brisk & Ham Serious Hardcore UK Hardcore Next Generation Records
13 Le Dos-On Air Freeform Relentless Vinyl
14 Substanced Ghost of the Future Freeform Watchtower Records
15 Lost Soul Twisted Dream Freeform Watchtower Records
16 Ranzor Vortex Freeform Rebuild Music
17 Minamotoya tabernacle Gabber Japanese Stream Hardcore
18 The Geminizers Out Of Control (Destructive Tendencies remix) Gabber The Magic Show Records
19 Nevaro End Of The Earth (ft Tmc) Gabber Adrenaline Tracks
20 The Philosopher Knowledge & Challenge Gabber Cenobite Records
21 Vyral XIII Ardor Freeform Rebuild Music
22 Betwixt & Between Tout est Bein(Sein Zum Tode) Freeform Hardcore Tano*C