Samination - Mix 44 - Law of Hardcore is My Way!
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2011, Ogg Vorbis, 272.06MB, 01:18:31, 484kbps
1 Kevin Energy Wham Bam Freeform Nu Energy Collective
2 Antisocial My Way Happy Hardcore New Essential Platinum
3 Jimmy J & Cru-l-t DJ's In Full Effect (Brisk remix) Happy Hardcore Kniteforce Recordings
4 Frantic Dimensions Happy Hardcore FBI Music
5 DJ Nau Fast Heart-Beat Makina Uptempo
6 Gerard Requena Go Sample Makina Uptempo
7 Hardcore Assassins System Shaker Makina Rekless Records
8 M-Project Frozen Storm (Tanuki remix) UK Hardcore Terraform Music
9 Carbon Based Cyclone (Sinthetic remix) Freeform Electronica Exposed
10 Brisk & Fracus Nothing In Our Way UK Hardcore Blatant Beats
11 Zero 2 & S3rl Through The Years Freeform Ravin Records
12 Audio Warfare & Dante Drug Real UK Hardcore Audio Weaponry
13 Kevin Energy Twisted Sanity (Darwin remix) Freeform Nu Energy Collective
14 Kevin Energy & A.B Reform Your Freeform Makina B-FormBeats
15 Sharkey & Eclipse The Warning Freeform Nu Energy Collective
16 Tazz Beyond Control Freeform Electronica Exposed
17 Shanty, Tazz & Dodgee Law Of Hardcore Freeform Electronica Exposed
18 DJ D vs Nitrogentics State of the Art Gabber Hardcore Blasters
19 Lester Tremor Don't Look Gabber Electronic Graffiti