Samination - Mix 19 - Evolution of a Revolution
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2005, MP3, 109.11MB, 01:19:27, 192kbps
1 Ultra-Sonic Dreamers of Dreams (US Trancecore remix) Happy Hardcore Clubscene Records
2 Sparky Out There Freeform Raw Elements
3 Joey Riot Breakborn Freeform Relentless Vinyl
4 DJ Impact & In Effect Close Your Eyes UK Hardcore Infextious Audio
5 Fergie & BK Hoovers & Horns (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper remix) UK Hardcore Nukleuz Records
6 Deejaybee & Overflow ft Vision Sunrize (Dougal & Gammer remix) UK Hardcore Essential Platinum 2002
7 Sparky ft Charm Somebody Real UK Hardcore F.A.S.T. Digital
8 Sy & Unknown ft Robbie Craig The Playa UK Hardcore Quosh Records
9 Jody 6 Keep the Base Flowing UK Hardcore Jody 6
10 Antix & Tom-e Sweet Release UK Hardcore Executive Records
11 Breekzy Body Movin' UK Hardcore Promo
12 K-Complex Outta Control Freeform Bonkerz
13 The Acolyte & Finley Cold Fury UK Hardcore Addictive Vinyl
14 The Acolyte Nightlife Freeform Gray Scale Digital
15 Tazz, Concept & Shanty Planet of Dreams (Kevin Energy & AMS remix) Freeform Digital Beatz
16 Twisted Freq Secret Dimension Freeform Kreatrix Recordingz
17 DJ Kambel Make the World Listen UK Hardcore Kambel