Samination - Mix 14 - Addictive Frequencies
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2005, MP3, 110.14MB, 01:20:11, 192kbps
1 DJ Kevin Energy F*cking wit da Frequency Freeform Nu Energy Collective
2 DJ Demo Million Miles from Home Happy Hardcore Vital Element
3 Supreme & DJ UFO Broken Wings (DJ Kaos remix) Happy Hardcore Go Mental Records
4 VISA Don't go Away Happy Hardcore Nukleuz Records
5 Sy & Unknown Alice DeeJay (Ripped2Fcuk remix) UK Hardcore Ripped2Fcuk
6 Sy & Unknown Product of the Devil UK Hardcore Quosh Records
7 Sunrize Memories of Love (2004 mix) UK Hardcore Sunrize Records
8 Styles & Breeze Heartbeats (Scott Brown remix) UK Hardcore Raver Baby Records
9 Sy & Unknown Brainwave UK Hardcore Quosh Records
10 Tazz & Digital Anarchy Twisted & Evil Freeform Addictive Vinyl
11 DJ Haze & The Acolyte Executive Freeform Executive Records
12 ElectriX Genie (Antix & ElectriX remake) Freeform Executive Records
13 Hixxy & Styles Rushin's UK Hardcore Raver Baby Records
14 Asa & S1 ft Lou-Lou Makin Me Wanna Dance (Sy & Unknown remix) UK Hardcore Quosh Records
15 Enligthen Born Again (Sy & Unknown remix) UK Hardcore Quosh Records
16 K-Complex Adiago (Rave mix) Freeform Nu Energy Collective