Samination - Mix 09 - Drug Addicted Hardcore
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2004, MP3, 68.03MB, 00:59:26, 160kbps
1 Re-Form Extremely Dangerous
  UK Hardcore RFU Recordings
2 Q-Project Champion Sounds (Storm & Spinback remix)
  UK Hardcore Just Another Label
3 Jobseekers True Love Never Dies (Oxceranoid remix)
  Happy Hardcore Free
4 Deep Wave Power (Triple J remix)
  Happy Hardcore Just Another Label
5 Gladheadz Drug Addicted Psycho (Scott Brown remix)
  UK Hardcore 24-7 Hardcore
6 G.E.O.S. Easy Inside
  UK Hardcore Remix Reloaded
7 DJ Stargazer Ultimate High (Styles & Breeze remix)
  UK Hardcore Underground Recordings
8 DJ Storm & Phosphor Sure wont be the Last
  UK Hardcore Underground Recordings
9 DJ Seduction Sub Dub (Storm remix)
  Happy Hardcore Impact Records
10 DJ Storm Fallen Angel
  Happy Hardcore Infinity Recordings
11 Gladheadz Drug Addicted Psycho (Frantic & AMS remix)
  Freeform 24-7 Hardcore
12 DJ UFO Hardcore (Akuma Goof remix)
  UK Hardcore Promo
13 Woxxy Robby Roboter
  Happy Hardcore Free