Samination - Mix 08 - Summer's Out
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2022, Ogg Vorbis, 263.51MB, 01:16:01, 484kbps
Original mix
1 David Vejby Behind the Walls 2003 Happy Hardcore Promo
2 Scott Bounce Elysium UK Hardcore Promo
3 Hardcore Hippies To the Moon UK Hardcore Hardcore Underground
4 Contraption Twin Star Happy Hardcore Free
5 Caine & Lil' Kev' Eve of Destruction (Samination Back n Forth vocal addition) Freeform Tilted Recordings
6 Scott Brown & Brisk Back & Forth UK Hardcore Evolution Records
7 Plus System Neck Breaker UK Hardcore Evolution Records
8 Sunrize Let Me Go UK Hardcore RFU Recordings
9 Sonic Infinity Bring the Beats UK Hardcore Maximum Impact
10 Overflow Rivers of Tears UK Hardcore RFU Recordings
11 Dougal & Mickey Skeedale Oceans Blue UK Hardcore Hardcore Underground
12 Scott Brown Gang Bang Society UK Hardcore Evolution Records
13 Scott Brown Definition of a Bad Boy remix UK Hardcore Evolution Records
14 Invader Enraptured Soulz UK Hardcore Hardcore Underground
15 Sharkey Lotek Freeform Nu Energy Collective
16 Sonic Infinity Liquid Screams UK Hardcore Free