Samination - Live 02.1 - The Swedish Candy Show 09-05-07 - Part 1
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2007, MP3, 79.52MB, 00:57:54, 192kbps
1 DJ Evil Sweet (DJ Friez & JAKAZiD remix) UK Hardcore Kniteforce Recordings
2 Voodoo Posse Love is (Fade & Bananaman remix 1) Happy Hardcore Maverik Records
3 Dany BPM & Ruboy I'm Flying High Makina Ruboy Records
4 Sy & Unknown Alice DeeJay (Ripped2Fcuk remix) UK Hardcore Ripped2Fcuk
5 Storm & Euphony Beating of My heart remix UK Hardcore Raindance
6 JAKAZiD Outstanding UK Hardcore Aural Adrenaline Digital
7 Double Decka Put Your Loving Arms (Ballistic Bootlegs remix) UK Hardcore Ballistic Bootlegs
8 Omega Force Stay Wizout You J-core Maddest Chich'ndom
9 Final Fantasy You're my Angel (Eryk Orpheus remix) UK Hardcore Free
10 Flashback Extasia 2002 Makina Uptempo
11 DJ Sharpnel Lonly Lonly J-core Sharpnel Sound
12 Q-Tex Equation Part 11 (Let The Bass Go) Happy Hardcore Evolution Records