Samination - Journey Through Hardcore: Years 1995 to 2000
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2013, Ogg Vorbis, 294.11MB, 01:24:50, 484kbps
1 Hixxy & Sharkey Wanting to Get high Happy Hardcore Hecttech Records
2 Hixxy Starry Night Happy Hardcore Legendary Music
3 Sharkey Revolution pt 2 (Slipmatt's remix) Happy Hardcore React Music
4 Seduction Sub Dub (Storm remix) Happy Hardcore Impact Records
5 DJ Midas Can't Stop (Brisk remix) Happy Hardcore Hecttech Records
6 Brisk & Trixxy Eye Opener Happy Hardcore Slammin' Vinyl
7 Metropolis Liquid Nights Happy Hardcore New Essential Platinum
8 Bang! Shooting Star (Euro mix) Happy Hardcore Next Generation Records
9 Vinylgroover I Can Live Without You (Force & Styles remix) Happy Hardcore Absolute Hardcore
10 DJ Storm & Euphony Let It Be the Night (remix) Happy Hardcore Raindance
11 Bang! Break of Dawn (Brisk & Ham mix) Happy Hardcore Next Generation Records
12 Brisk & Trixxy Euro Love Happy Hardcore Slammin' Vinyl
13 Sharkey Distant Dreams Freeform React Music
14 DJ Helix Now Control Freeform Stompin' Choonz
15 Interstate Forever Yours Happy Hardcore Evolution Records
16 Bass-X vs Scott Brown Pilgrim (Original mix) Happy Hardcore Evolution Records
17 In-Iki & El Nino Remembrance Trancecore B Trax
18 Veracocha Carte Blanche (Hixxy & UFO remix) Happy Hardcore Cover Up
19 Elevate The Strings Happy Hardcore World of Obession Records