Mix 65 - Ravechief
Mixed by Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2016-11-07
Size:142 MiB
Bitrate:320 kbps
Length:1:02:22 (3742 seconds)
Speed: 185 BPM
Genres:J-core,UK Hardcore,Makina,Freeform,Gabber
Mix Description
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Yes, My photoshop skills are Supreme! Silence you infidel!!!

The Rock Ya Softly mashup is a mashup between Nakura's remix aswell as the Hype'd Up Nustyle Gabber remix that was up on IMOdownload for a few weeks before getting removed. I don't know who made that remix as I don't even remember the name of the label it appeared on (Googling it only shows my own entries about the track).
01. Minamotoya - Momiji Hunting
02. Minamotoya - Strange Dream
03. yuki. - Feel Me
04. gya9 - promise
05. Kankitsu - Promise
06. Minamotoya - Stardust
07. Contraption - Higher, Forever (Styles & Breeze remix)
08. Infextious - Let Me Fly (Styles & Breeze remix)
09. Scott Brown - Rock You Softly (Nakura vs Hype'd Up Mashup)
10. anubasu-anubasu - Shocking
11. hurce - Shepherd N
12. hurce - Short Circuit
13. UFO & Ramos - Ravechief (Triquatra Remix)
14. Sharkey & AMS - Mind Control
15. kenta-v.ez. - wE shouLd Not stop EvoLutioN
16. Advanced Dealers - Destroy
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