Mix 61 - To Finland with Freedom!
Mixed by Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2016-03-04
Size:150 MiB
Bitrate:320 kbps
Length:1:05:23 (3923 seconds)
Speed:180 BPM
Genres:Makina,UK Hardcore,Freeform,Gabber
Mix Description
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If you are wondering about the title, aswell as the cover art, I presume you have never visited 9gag.com before :P

It's basicly a running gag on that image posting website, that where ever the US countryball hears about oil, they will invade that region or country, and say that they bring FREEDOM! (because we know hoiw much them 'Muricans love their Freedom!). And to make it more Finnish, instead of oil, li'l ol' Georgey is holding onto a bottle of the finest Finnish vodka there is, Koskenkorva (ps: I have yet to try it :().

A Few references:
01. Delight Pleasure - Bebop remix
02. DJ Elven & Bzone - Stop this Life
03. DJ Elven & Bzone - Oh! Melodies
04. Re-Con & DJ Demand - Am Sorry
05. Bang! - Fly Against The Wind (Darwin & Fracus remix)
06. Reese & Timid - Lose Control
07. Alex Laser & DJ Lobo - The Goods
08. Alex Laser & DJ Lobo - La Luz
09. JD-KiD & Arun - Excelsior
10. Sam One - Liquid Moon
11. Altitude - Altitude (Substanced Bootleg remix)
12. DJ Rx - Code of Silence (Jnks remix)
13. Alek Sząhala - Astraia
14. Carbon Based & DJ Rx - Titor Quantum Theory
15. BoomFunk MC's - Freestyler (Hellsystem's Bootleg remix)
16. Joey Riot - The Best
17. Suicidal & Vitamin C - Loituma Gabba
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