Mix 41 - Fragments of War
Mixed by Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2011-04-17
Size:110 MiB
Bitrate:256 kbps
Length:1:00:00 (3600 seconds)
Speed:190 BPM
Mix Description

It took it's time, but here it is. My 41th mix has finally been made. This is actually not a new mix, but rather a re-recorded version of my 4th Swedish Candyshow mix I played back in 2008. I added a few more tracks tho.
01. Criminal DJ's vs DJ Motor - Nitro
02. Ephexis - Mind Grinder
03. Trance Control - Deep Vibrations (Micken remix)
04. Nightforce - Human Instrumentality Project
05. LML - Sinfonia Digital
06. Freestyle - Warrior Sound
07. Micken - Possessed (Shanty remix)
08. Nightforce - Metaphysical Redemption
09. Deadfunk - Coming For War
10. DJ D Vs Art of Fighters - Game Of Pain
11. S3RL - God is not a DJ
12. Source Code - I'm Not A Number (Distorted Revelation remix)
13. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidians remix)
14. Betwixt & Between - 12 Little Fragments of Silence
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