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Mixed by Pschi vs Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2012-08-23
Size:135 MiB
Bitrate:320 kbps
Length:58:47 (3527 seconds)
Speed:185 BPM
Mix Description
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My first proper back2back mix in ages! This time with newcomer Pschi, who loves my mixes and said yes to his first back2back mix when I asked him to do one :)

This mix is done in a simular way that me and Bluecore did on our first b2b mix.
01. DJ Sharpnel - Marunouchi Surviver
02. Sc@r - Bad Dreams
03. Ranzor - Acidcore (Original Mix)
04. Mike Modulate & Marie Louise - When i See you
05. Archefluxx - Release the Volume
06. Helbinde - Monado
07. Daniel Seven - In My Mind
08. Fostbeat - Picture Perfect Sky
09. Marc Smith - Wot da Fuck
10. Ranzor - Illusions
11. Breeze & Styles - Feel the Power (Technikore Remix)
12. Al Storm & Orbit1 feat Lisa Abbott - Falling Through (Nu Foundation Remix)
13. Doofus da Dingo - The Cocky Who Cried Dingo
14. Rhythmics - Icarus
15. The Dopeman - Badboy (2012 Remix)
16. Ranzor - That Was Too Slow
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