Mix 40 - Feelings of Silence
Mixed by Samination
Mix CoverBack Cover
Date recorded:2008-06-07
Size:106 MiB
Bitrate:192 kbps
Length:1:15:00 (4500 seconds)
Speed:180 BPM
Mix Description

A long awaited mix. I waited SO LONG, that it took me less than 1 hour to test out some tracks and complete a tracklist :P
REDALiCE feat. Kaori Michiru - Feel of Feelings (Technetium remix)
M-Project - Kick Da Flow (Original Mix)
DJ Technetium - Terras Makina
DX Pasta - Free Fall
DJ Technetium - Tc-ma 002
RCB vs Mike Semtex - Our Sound
DJ Depath & M-Project - Melow
The Angry Kid vs Bob Marley - Mr Brown (JAKAZiD remix)
Jackie Shaw - Just Another Day (phosphor remix)
Jon-G & Kronos - This Energy
Buzzmasta - Un-balance
DJ Square - Jam For The Hardcore Fan
phosphor - Grabblemonger
Substanced - Evergreen
Re-form - Silver Cube
DJ RX - Code of Silence
DJ Sharpnel - Takecore of Yourself
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