Live 02.1 - The Swedish Candy Show 09-05-07 - Part 1
Mixed by Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2007-05-09
Size:79 MiB
Bitrate:192 kbps
Length:57:54 (3474 seconds)
Speed:180 BPM
Mix Description

This is part one of my mix for this session, as Bluecore could not play this day. Just like the other part, I managed to select a few tracks on the fly and they worked. This is a re-recorded version (does not mix into the other set).
01. DJ Evil - Sweet (DJ Friez & JAKAZiD remix)
02. Voodoo Posse - Love is (Fade & Bananaman remix 1)
03. Dany BPM & Ruboy - I'm Flying High
04. Sy & Unknown - Alice Deejay (Ripped2Fcuk remix)
05. Storm & Euphony - Beating of My heart remix
06. JAKAZiD - Outstanding
07. Double Decka - Put Your Loving Arms
08. Omega Force - Stay Wizout You
09. Final Fantasy - You're my Angel (Eryk Orpheus Remix)
10. Flashback - Extasia 2002
11. DJ Sharpnel - Lonly Lonly
12. Q-Tex - Equation Part 11 (Let The Bass Go)
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