- Help & FAQ -
If you are having problems, hopefully the information you find here will help you out.


Most smileys gets shown by just typing the regular symbols, like :P, :(, :-), :o and so on.
But some are more specific. Here's the list of all usable smileys.
(type them out without the quotation marks, ")

Smiley "(smiley)",":)","=)",":o)"
Happy "(happy)",":D","=D","^^","^_^"
Laughing "(laughing)","(lol)","XD"
Tongue "(tongue)",":P","=P",":-P"
Teary Smiley "(wink)",";)"
Teary Tongue "(twink)",";P"
Unhappy "(nothappy)",":|","=|"
Shocked "(shocked)",":O","=O"
Sad "(sad)",":(","=(",";("
Evil smiley "(evil)",">:)",">=)",">XD"
Thumps Up "(tup)"
Thumps Down "(tdown)"


On various pages you can find some random icons. I will describe them here:
coverart This mix has a a download. Clicking this image leads directly to the download page.
coverart This mix has a Album cover.
coverart This mix has a stream from Soundcloud linked to it. Direct link to SC will be implented, sometime.
coverart This mix has a stream from Mixcloud linked to it. Direct link to MC will be implented, sometime.

1.0 Downloading

1.1: I'm having speed problems. What could be the cause?
As I run the website myself (on a computer at my home), I don't have the bandwidth allocation like most hosting website has. I might get a hosting space later, but then I can't assure that all my files (the mixes) are uploaded. As my mixes are also over 100MiB large, I can't use cyberlockers since they start to take payments for larger uploads, and I already run this website on a loss.
Anyways, if you're having trouble, it could be one of these reasons; 1.2: I can't download.
If you can't download, you propably have a firewall that blocks downloads from FTP (port 21).
If you aren't using a firewall, then try again later, this could just be temporarily.

If you could download just a moment ago, but not now, you propably tried to download more than 2 files at the same time. If you did this, the server thought you where trying to 'hammer' my connection, and blocked you. The block is set to 10 minutes by default.

1.3: The Music starts to play instead of downloading.
Depending on what kind of plugins/addons you have installed for your Webbrowser, occationally you will start to play the files instead of downloading. This could be the case if you have iTunes (especially with Quicktime!) installed. If you don't know how to turn it off, instead of clicking on the link, click with the right mouse button and select an option that somewhat resembles "Save Link As...".
Save As (Mozilla Firefox)
Image showing the Save As button on Mozilla Firefox

2.0 Playback

2.1: I can't play the files. What format are the files in?
A: I mostly save my mixes to MP3 format (lame codec) and saved in between 192 and 320kb/s. This means that most Media players that can play MP3 should have NO problems playing my mixes. In some cases, I have saved the mix to accPlus (aac/m4a), which should be playable in most Media Players, but may cause some problems. WinAmp, Windows Media Player and foobar2k should not have any problems playing these files.

2.2: Using CUE sheets
CUE sheets are actually used when burning copied CDs (also called IMAGES), but have been found useful for use with music files aswell. When using a Media Player that supports CUE's (foobar2k has internal support, while WinAMP have 2 fairly working plugins, CUE PLAYER and mp3cue). Most burning software also supports burning MP3s throu CUE sheets, which is very useful since you don't always want a one tracked CD because of a mix.
More info on CUE sheet here: http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=Cue_sheet

Notice: Using older software to burn mp3 with cue's (Nero 5 or earlier, I am not sure about newer) will create small gaps in the playback. This is because MP3 store information just before the audio part in the file itself. To get away with the gap, you might have to first convert the MP3 to WAV, and edit the CUE file.
CUE sheet changes
Image showing the CUE sheet changes in Notepad++

3.0 Other

3.1: What is MiB that's showing up on your Mixes pages?
MiB stands for Mebi Byte, which is the official SI prefixes for Binary digits. For years, people have been missusing the kilo, mega and tera prefixes to attribute the binary values bits and bytes and I will try to explain it here.
By default, prefixes like Kilo, Mega and Tera are multiplied by 1000, but since binary ( 0 and 1 ) is a different multiple system compared to the decimal system ( 0 to 9 ). You have probably noticed that a file that's 177"MB" is not 177 000"kB", but instead ~181 250"kB". The reason for this that the closests the binary world can get to 1000 is a value of 1024. This is also the (main) reason why a Hard-Drive Disc that's labeled 320GB is only about 298GiB.
source: http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/binary.html