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Australia with Force
Starstruck's amazing label he ran for 50 releases and later made free!
Kanibalz Digitalz
Canadian label, released UK Hardcore, Freeform & Gabber
Strict Fuzion
Free downloads from Sonic Infinity (fairly old tracks, but still kicks ass)
Future Noize
Free downloads from orbit1 aka The Acolyte
RFU Grey
Free downloads from Cube::Hard & others
Underground Amatuer Music, Free Makina downloads
Tracks from Contraption's mp3.com and soundclick website
K12 Studios
Free downloads posted by Reese & NoLeftTurn on various forums. Might be removed (unknown status)
Higher Order Digital
The whole backcatalogue from Scott Majestik's Vinyl label made digital & for free.
Rikkjam/Pigface Records
bunch of stuff made by TENTUN. Mostly Breaks and 94-99 styled Happy Hardcore.